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12-02-18, 09:19 PM
Usual delays but mine is expected delivery before the end of February.


Its cheaper if you go direct.


The following is a newsletter form Stuart Brown of Ausclassics about the carpet.

Reproduction Commodore “Brock Claret/Burgundy” Carpet
About 18 months ago due to other projects we were doing I was approached about the possibility of getting this rare, but beautiful, Burgundy / Claret carpet reproduced for Brock SS and VH SL/E Commodores in both Loop and Superplush styles once again. As I had always really liked it, it fits with our business ethos of helping people restore and enjoy their classics and I am an enthusiast firstly myself anyway, I thought that would be nice to have it available again.

The challenge however would be that the two possible carpet suppliers would not be at all interested in taking this on themselves. This was for two main reasons; the first being that the last time it was made it took over 10 years to sell, especially with the minimum quantities required and then the cost of over $30,000+ which need to be committed to it just to get to carpet stage.

So having been involved in things like this before due to owning P76s my whole adult life and knowing that it was achievable if we were to effectively “crowd fund” the project by;
• Firstly taking expressions of interest to gauge interest,
• Get some samples done to ensure that the product was possible with current, modern materials and processes.
• Take Pre orders to cover costs and ensure success
• Receive materials
• Make and deliver the products.
By getting 50 people/orders this becomes a viable project to do.

So after step one I was then able to get Knox on board as the manufacturer.

Then the produced Samples which has been a very long process to undertake with this being done in Belgium and all that entails. So now a year later these are done with excellent results and thread has been ordered.

Now it is time for the next stage of taking the actual orders and payments.

To make this viable we will be selling these as complete kits comprising
Full Moulded carpets with Authentic Heel Mats fitted
A Set of custom fit protection mats with non-slip backing
A piece of carpet large enough for Doors, Parcel Shelf, Kick panels and seat backs.

These will be in either Loop or Superplush pile to suit your particular car.

The cost at this time for the set will be $950 Per car with a single $25 per order delivery charge (no matter how much you purchase). The price later will be higher if there is anything left over. Also this is a once off opportunity and there are absolutely no guarantees it will ever happen again, similar previous projects are yet to be repeated 25 years later.

We will also over the next few weeks develop a complimentary boot kit including spare wheel cover in the carpet of your choice.

We have also made available Superplush in the standard colour range once more for those who own those colours.

I can also offer similar kits for other vehicles if like me you love the product but don’t have a particular car to suit and complimentary products like underlay, resomat etc.

The Time Frame.
Thread has been ordered and will need to be paid for shortly, Delivery of this will occur in December with Manufacture and delivery in January.

There will be three methods of payment
• Direct Deposit Payment now for $950 per carpet set + $25/order shipping
• Credit Card Payment now – $975 per carpet set + $25/order shipping
• $500 Deposit now and two $250 payments in November and December per carpet set + $25/order shipping

Those purchasing later will be paying a high premium as this whole enterprise is only possible as all of this is being paid for up front and the only money being made is that to cover costs and make a viable project at this stage.

All participants will be given Tax invoices and receipts and of course kept informed during the processes to delivery.

If anyone has any questions al all please feel free to contact me
stuart@ausclassics.com or 0400995515

If you are ordering please supply the following details in an email or give me a call;
Loop or Superplush and
payment choice; Then I will send an invoice with payment details.

Kind Regards

12-02-18, 09:32 PM
From the pictures going around it looks a good match. Have you seen a sample.

13-02-18, 03:03 PM
Not Yet, but its better than the alternative which is nothing I guess.
Hoping its great, been waiting a few years for someone to do this carpet, just have to wait a little bit longer.

Will post photos when I get it.

14-02-18, 07:35 AM
This crowd have been around for a long time, so you would hope that they do a quality, accurate product.

22-02-18, 02:08 PM
I initiated this project with Stuart from Ausclassics. The intent was that I wanted the correct plush pile carpet for my VH SLE. I had some NOS carpet but unfortunately it is latex backed and can't be moulded. I got the first set before Christmas and it is very, very good. It has the right blend of blue and black fleck through it. I will be fair and say the claret base is not as dark as the NOS, but in light of the fact that there is nothing else out there that even comes close, it is excellent!

For anyone who has ordered, you will not be disappointed